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Vladimir [Mar. 26th, 2018|07:25 am]


В открытом доступе в Сети выложена наша с Андреем Стародубцевым статья "Opportunities and Constraints of Authoritarian Modernisation: Russian Policy Reforms in the 2000s" (Europe-Asia Studies, 2016, vol.68, N1):

"The essay explores why some socio-economic reforms are successful and others are not and why and how the political regime and its institutions affect policy outcomes and the implementation of a ‘narrow’ programme of authoritarian modernisation, characterised by the achievement of socio-economic growth without full-scale democratisation. It reconsiders the Russian experience of policy reforms in the 2000s as a case of authoritarian modernisation in the context of post-Communist policy changes where less than half of the proposals have been implemented, and only a few have been successful. The essay attempts to explain the factors and mechanisms of the successes and failures of policy reforms..."

Posted by Vladimir Gel'man on 26 Mar 2018, 04:25